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Hurley Farm Harvest Schedule & Product Guide

To download your free copy of our Harvest Schedule and Product Guide, simply click here and print!

Please keep in mind that weather can, and will, affect our harvest dates. Below is our Hurley Farm Product Guide and Harvest Schedule for your quick reference for all your favorite fruits and vegetables!


asparagus Homegrown Asparagus First week of May Specialty Features:

✔Amish Baked Goods
✔ Hall's Kettle Corn
✔Mumford's Chips
✔Rickle's Pickles
✔Country Kettle Preserves
✔Skidmore Apiary's Honey
✔Stevens Family Bakery Pies
rhubarb Homegrown Rhubarb Mid May
strawberries Ohio Strawberries Last week of May
green beans Ohio Green Beans Last week of June
peaches Georgia Peaches Mid June
globe onions Globe Onions First week of July
lodi Lodi Apples First week of July
blueberries Ohio Blueberries First week of July  
raspberries Ohio Raspberries First week of July  
sweet cherries Ohio Sweet Cherries First week of July  
apricots Ohio Apricots First week of July  
sweet corn Hurley Farms Sweet Corn Second week of July  
1.5 runners 1/2 Runners Second week of July  
pickles Homegrown Pickling Pickles Mid July  
beets Homegrown Red Beets Mid July  
melons "Indiana Melons" Mid July  
tart pie cherries Tart Pie Cherries Mid July  
watermelon "Sugar Baby" Watermelon First week of August  
blackberries Ohio Blackberries First week of August  
plums Ohio Plums First week of August  
white peaches Ohio White Peaches & Nectarines First week of August  
homegrown tomatoes Homegrown Tomatoes First week of August  
potatoes Ohio Potatoes First week of August  
peaches Ohio Peaches First week of August  
early gold Early Gold Apples First week of August  
paula red Paula Red Apples First week of August  
ginger gold Ginger Gold Apples Second week of August  
gala Gala/McIntosh Apples End of August  
melons Ohio Melons First week of September  
golden surpreme Golden Supreme Apples First week of September  
honeycrisp Honey Crisp Apples First week of September  
cortland  Jonathan/Cortland Apples First week of September  
apple cider Apple Cider/Fresh Pressed Third week of September  
red & golden Red & Golden Delicious/Jonagold Apples Third week of September  
ida red Melrose/Ida Red Apples First week of October  
winesap Winesap/Rome Apples Second week of October  
fuji Fuji/Granny Smith Apples Third week of October  
jonamac Jonamac Apples Third week of October